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Planta de café en finca 4 Llamas,


We are a Bolivian company dedicated to producing coffee with the highest quality standards. We seek to take advantage of the virtues of our land to highlight the richness of each grain, taking care of every detail, from the plantation to your home. Our holistic approach seeks harmony between three key components: sustainability, people and innovation. We believe that only in this way can a good coffee become excellent.

View from the plantation of 4 Llamas, the Bolivian specialty coffee brand



At 4 Llamas, we believe in our responsibility to contribute to building a more sustainable and respectful future with the environment. Recognizing that coffee processing consumes a large amount of water and that its wastewater is highly contaminated, we have invested in a plant that reduces water consumption and implemented the first stage of a water treatment system. Also, in terms of productive management, we follow a permaculture approach and agroforestry systems. These approaches allow us to work in harmony with nature, promoting the proper management of the ecosystem and the conservation of natural resources.



The second pillar is our people, which includes all the members of the production chain, from the relationships we build with our workers, who are part of our family, as well as the producers with whom we work. We believe that valueting small producers is key to the development of the agricultural and coffee sector in Bolivia. Within this framework, we created an initiative called "Familia 4 Llamas", through which we provide them with technology and technical assistance in the processing of their beans and accompany them in the positioning of their coffee, thus improving the quality of their beans and supporting them so that they can access this niche market.

Team 4 Llamas, the origin of Bolivian coffee
Bolivian coffee processing at 4 Llamas farm



At 4 Llamas, we believe that innovation is key to staying ahead in the coffee industry and we are committed to being at the forefront of this movement. By pushing the boundaries of traditional fermentation processes, we hope to deliver a truly exceptional coffee experience to our customers. In our approach, we embrace innovative fermentations using local microorganisms, as well as traditional washed and natural processes, with the goal of bringing out flavor profiles and complexity in our coffees. We follow strict protocols and meticulously control every factor in our fermentations to obtain the best results in terms of quality and flavor.

"We seek to become a showcase that demonstrates that it is possible to have a profitable business based on a sustainable, equitable and environmentally fair production system that contributes to the development of Bolivia."

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